About Me

About Me

Ewan NicholsonI grew up in country Australia in a family where I suffered childhood trauma. I spent my 20’s pretending to myself and the world I didn’t have any problems and my 30’s desperately trying to numb these issues with alcohol and drugs. Eventually in my late 30s,  my ability to supress, deny and avoid my deep pain and anguish  became too much. Then decided to really commit to my healing journey.  In the process I have overcome my addiction issues and started the process of healing my own childhood trauma.

I am now at point where I feel my experience, recovery and understanding of how I have moved forward could be used to support and inspire others to find their own healing and begin to trust in their own “inner knowing”.

I am  about to complete my certification of being a “Trauma Recovery Coach” as well as ongoing training specializing in healing religious trauma. I am a practitioner of mindfulness and have experienced the immense benefits and insights that come from meditation and mindfulness practice. Supporting clients in developing a mindfulness practice is a key component  in fostering inner-safety, serenity and a greater sense of self-acceptance.

Prior to being trained in trauma recovery coaching I have been a relationship coach, specialized in relationship crisis. During that time, I have helped client  through  their pain and anguish of complicated break ups, difficult affairs, unrequited love, loneliness and longing and navigating the complex and ambiguous terrain of modern romantic involvements. One of my main reason I want to work more directly with trauma, is because I have come to understand many of the adult relationship- problems that people encounter which have their origin in unresolved and unhealed childhood trauma. Healing these deeper wounds is a foundational process that allows us to build from the ground up more healthy and happy relationships. 

In addition to this I am a certified provider of SSP (Safe and Sound protocol) which is a unique and cutting-edge audio intervention that helps calm the nervous system and help facilitate a great sense of safety and well-being.

Currently I live in Malaga, Spain, with my wife and daughters. I am also the author of a self-published book of poems “Remembering Love” and a YouTube channel where I provide advice, insights, and practices to help heal childhood trauma.

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