Getting LOST & Coming HOME – A reflection on dissociation

Short video on how childhood trauma can lead us to feeling lost and how important it is to come home to ourselves.

Transcript of the audio below

I had a vision once in it I was a lost baby whale I felt a deep sadness and loneliness being abandoned and left to my own at the same time I didn’t want to be found being lost in a vast ocean was the safest place to be it’s a strange kind of tension to hold yearning for connection and intimacy but being frightened of that connection when it’s paired with pain and violation as children we can’t literally get lost even if we try so often we find other ways to become lost first we become untethered to our knowing our innocence and our bodily self then we set adrift in a sea of imagination and disassociation a compass points anywhere but here anytime but now

we are so lost so long we forget we are even lost being lost is our home yet there is a deep light in all of us that knows somehow this lost space we make our residence isn’t truly home we can’t make a nest of clouds and dreams we require earth tree twigs and branches as we must return to the place inside ourselves we abandoned you must register the war is over and the storm has passedour companion of lostness is no longer required

It is safe to return to our bodies it is safe to return to our hearts and minds you must thank our lostness for its service to our safety but bid it farewell for eventually the baby whale is found by its mother its loved cherished cared for and finally home you


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